Chronological Order

The laws can be found chronologically, the order in which the laws were passed. A complete list is provided in the order to find the required laws sequentially.

Alphabetical Order 

In this head the Laws are arranged in alphabetical order and complete list is provided of the laws. One can find the required law sequentially.

Except the sequential search, many types of random search facilities have been implemented so that one can find the required laws easily with less efforts. The following search criteria have been provided.

Search Laws

1.Search by Year

With this search one can search the Laws by entering the year in which the law was passed or promulgated.  For example to find all the laws passed in the year 2003 type 2003 in the text box and press enter. Similarly the laws of the year 2004 can be found.

2. Search by Title

You can also search the Laws database by its Title name. Just enter a word or phrase that you think comes in the Title of the Law. For example one can find the laws which contain the word housing, college, university, development etc.

3. Open Text Search or Free Text Search

The third option to search the Laws is that of the open or free text search. Just type any word that come in the text of any law will be found. For example to search for "University" type "university" in the text box and you will be presented the laws that contain the word university in them.


1. Keywords

One can search the Laws By Keywords. Related laws are grouped into well known keywords and can be found by providing the keywords. For example by providing the keyword "women" the laws related to women will be found. Similarly the laws related to property, agriculture, animals, journalist can be found by providing the respective keyword

2. Categories

Laws are grouped in certain categories and list of categories have been provided in combo-box. One can select the category from the list and find the laws the related to that category.  For example one can select the category Education Law, Food Law, Factories Law, Health Law, Transport Law, Women Law etc.

3. Search The Laws By Year & Roman Law No.

Law can be searched by providing year and unique number of law in that year in roman format. For example by providing year as 1956 and act no. VI , the corresponding act THE PUNJAB GENERAL CLAUSES ACT, 1956 will be displayed. Similarly one can find the laws IX of 2004 or V of 2003 etc.